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Cognicent – cognitively centred, aware

Operating in shades of grey, focused on growing an ecosystem of high performance

We are a small and nimble team of professionals who are focused on providing outstanding service to our clients. We focus on understanding your business challenges and goals, and set about partnering with you on the right solution. One size does not fit all, and we are all about making sure the journey suits the destination.

Our team is comprised of experienced facilitators, coaches and psychologists, with experience in organisational change and development programs delivered around the globe and across industries. To experience what it is like to work with the team from Cognicent, drop us a line, and let’s arrange a time to talk.

Mathew Bowen

BSc, BPsych, GCert Change Management

Mathew is a registered psychologist, specialising in leadership and organisational development, with a career spanning counselling, forensics, clinical and organisational psychology. Over the past decade, he has focused on the application of psychology to improving organisational cultures and performance. Mathew has been fortunate to work across the globe in more than 30 countries, in industries including oil and gas, utilities, mining and mineral processing, aviation, shipping, rail, transport and government. He has designed developmental programs for Senior Leaders, Supervisory Leaders and Teams, which have been delivered to more than 20,000 people over the past decade, and loves being able to work with clients on getting the best from and for their people.

In his spare time, Mathew likes to hang out with family and friends, get to the beach or river whenever he can, and head along to the footy with his son to support the mighty Fremantle Dockers.

Nicole Heffernan

BPsych (Hons); PGCert App Coaching

Nicole specialises in applying recent research in Psychology and Neuroscience to address everyday challenges for organisations and their people. Driven by her passion for helping people to achieve the highest version of themselves, she is known for her ability to work with the most challenging and difficult to engage individuals. Her energetic and respectful style has seen her create change with individuals and teams that were previously viewed as resistant to change by their respective organisations. Nicole has significant experience working cross culturally having facilitated programs in South Africa, Namibia, Belgium and Singapore. This diversity of experience has provided Nicole with excellent skills in understanding new clients’ contexts and being able to adapt quickly to new environments.

Family, food and friends are Nicole’s passion outside of work. She enjoys nothing more than spending time at the beach with her partner and fur baby, or finding new and interesting places to eat out.

Anna Pitman


Anna is an international Facilitator and Coach specialising in people optimisation and alignment and is a passionate ambassador of facilitating a positive, productive, innovative, healthy and safe work environment. Anna brings over seven years of experience within a range industries such as mining and construction, engineering, health, insurance, defence and agriculture. Anna has also founded and directs three businesses and has a keen interest in creating ‘Intrapreneurs’ of your people – getting everyone to think and lead like a CEO. Anna offers a diverse, fresh and open-minded perspective on all things leadership, safety and culture and is not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Outside of consulting Anna loves vinyasa yoga, anything that involves the beach and a good glass of red.

Satchmore Muchiriri


Satchmore Muchiriri is a seasoned practitioner in Health & Safety, Environment (SHE) and the broader sustainability portfolio in the mining and manufacturing industries. Among other places, he has worked as an HSEC manager for BHP Billiton and Anglo American and was Group SHE Manager for Universal Leaf Africa, looking after their Africa operations. Satchmore is now a Leadership and Transformational Safety Consultant, and focuses on helping people realize their full potential in every aspect of life. He has been in this field for more than 15 years at a senior level and has significant experience as a leader. With this as a background, Satchmore is a proven leader with a long track record of successfully facilitating culture transformation strategies at an executive level.

Dr Brett Solomon

Doctorate, Strategic Leadership

For the last two decades, Brett has been equipping leaders to improve their personal and organisational performance. With a Doctorate degree in Strategic Leadership, he is a leadership expert, organisational development consultant and a specialist when it comes to assisting organisations to achieve significant improvements in safety, employee engagement and leadership effectiveness. Brett is a recognised leader in combining neuroscience, change management and leadership theory to drive culture transformation processes. He also specialises in neuroleadership, especially when it comes to understanding what drives human behaviour and how to influence it.

Brett is a family man, with a keen ability on the squash court, and an even keener eye for photography. He loves his Rugby and Cricket, and is a proud Blue Bulls supporter.

We live and work by a core set of principles

It’s all about the goal, whatever it is that you are doing or not doing, our role is not to pass judgement, it is to work out whether your current approach is helping you to achieve your goal. If it isn’t, we’ll support you to either change the goal, or change the approach.

Habits take time to build, and time to change, we understand that humans like to establish habits, and that for these to change takes time. When we attempt any change, we will have some success, and we’ll have some setbacks. Change is not linear, sometimes it can be messy and chaotic, and our role is to support your business through that mess.

Life is about choice, we all have control of the choices we make, and as adults, we all need to accept the consequences of those choices, whether they are good or bad. When we build an organisation of people who accept responsibility for their decisions and their results, we create the opportunity for people to achieve that much more, as people, and as a team.

Treat people with respect, regardless of position, experience, title or role, every person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. When we treat people as though they are capable, when we truly see each other as equals, then we enable ourselves and others to achieve amazing things.

Trust is the foundation, without trust, we cannot argue or disagree, if we can’t disagree, then we never truly communicate, if we never truly communicate, then we can’t commit, and if we never truly commit, then we never achieve what we could.

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