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We partner with organisations to strengthen their culture and performance, focusing on the development of leadership, engagement of teams, and the alignment of processes toward a more effective organisational culture. With vast experience in developing safety cultures, we are specialists in the application of psychology and neuroscience to the improvement of safety, health and wellbeing.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development approach centres on four key areas, enabling leaders to better understand themselves and their teams while building on their capabilities to influence the culture and performance of the team, and the broader organisation. We focus on:

  • Change skills: understanding how people and organisations change, how to create engagement and align groups toward a common set of goals
  • Cognitive skills: understanding our attitudes and how they drive our actions and outcomes, while providing leaders with the tools to influence their own and others attitudes
  • Leadership skills: understanding the softer skills of leadership, through exploration of leadership styles, and how to elicit improved performance
  • Tactical skills: understanding how to integrate the theories of change, cognition and leadership into the daily activities that make up the working life of a leader

We provide a comprehensive leadership development process, incorporating assessment, training, coaching and support, ensuring that development is an ongoing process, not just an event.

Improving Safety Culture

Our safety culture services are based on the principle that while people are the primary factor in all incidents, they are also the solution to safety challenges in any workplace. We have a multi-phase approach that incorporates:

  • Assessment of current safety climate: where are we now, what is working well, and what are the opportunities for change and improvement?
  • Destination setting: working out where you want to be, and defining the measures of success that will tell you what has been achieved
  • Preparing for change: development and implementation of communications and training that builds internal capabilities to engage in change
  • Implementation: defined improvement projects that help in aligning the organisational activities with the expected behaviours of all members of the organisation
  • Review and Reset: re-assessment of the climate, the key metrics, and identifying further improvement opportunities

We work with a range of business partners in safety culture change, ensuring that we can match the solution to your needs, as well as providing complete custom solutions.

Supervisors Development

While traditional front-line leadership development programs focus on the generic skills of being a supervisor, we have worked with organisations to build custom solutions that incorporate specific business tools, processes and examples, that ensure supervisors have a clear understanding of how to improve theirs and their teams’ engagement and performance. We incorporate the psychology of leadership and human behaviour into programs that have covered:

  • Risk and safety management
  • Customer service and sales
  • Work planning and management
  • Communication
  • Leadership soft skills
  • Performance management
  • Organisational values and culture development
  • Team dynamics and management
  • Quality assurance

We have worked with organisations to target HSSE Leadership at the supervisory level, as well as the broader capabilities for being an effective supervisor, with our approach being about not only what we do, but why we do it, and how to do it better.

Behaviour Based Safety

Working with organisations across the globe has provided a wealth of knowledge and experience in what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to driving an effective behaviour based safety approach. While most organisations have existing systems in place, many have challenges in making them work to their full extent, with legacy approaches becoming a numbers game or a tick and flick exercise. We work with you to refine the approach to BBS, and align the systems and people toward a more efficient and focused behavioural based safety approach.

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